Search Engine Submission Tips

The first thing you should do is make sure your website is has good on page SEO. Do all the basics with title tags, page names, and clean and clear navigation with anchor links. You want to make a good first impression, and make sure that when the search engine bots come looking, they can find everything they need to index your website.

Make it easy by having good related content to the links. Don’t just link to the front page, do some links to inside web pages. Your internal linking should be easy to follow using descriptive links. Internal linking is important for both the user experience and the search engine bots that come review the content.

Pick your best four or five keywords or phrases and make sure you have good content rich web pages to match. Do a little research to find elements of those keywords or terms that have some history of searches, but not overwhelming competition.

Write three articles on three search terms that are of interest and relevant to content. Publish on both and On Isnare, pay the $2.00 to have your article submitting to their list of publications and other websites. Make sure each article has specific anchor text in the author block at the bottom, and while you’re at it make sure you entice them somehow to click.

If you have a product or service that you sell, go put up an ad on USFREEADS. Make sure you put it in an appropriate category and use descriptive anchor text for the link. Go ahead and sign up for the Premium Membership, it’s $10 per month and worth it for both the links from the ads and the traffic.

Get a copy of Fast Blog Finder, start off with the free version. This software finds blogs that are directly related to keywords submitted and have the follow link capability. This will allow you to search for blogs to post on that directly relate to your subject matter and can provide both links and traffic if you post good information. The free version is limited to 50 blogs per keyword, the paid version is unlimited.

So all of these methods provide links that you can use anchor text that is relevant to your web page content. Very little cost is involved and the money you spend will be well worth the few bucks. You want to use a lining strategy that gives you links and actual traffic from tightly targeted visitors.

After the first two weeks, go sign up for a Google account and go into the Webmaster Tools section. Use the features to check for duplicate titles, bad links, etc. Then upload your XLM version sitemap. That’s a special version for search engines to check each time they visit your website.

Here’s a good schedule to keep the links and traffic coming. Do the following every week for a year and you’ll get good targeted traffic from your links and the search engines.

Once a week write two articles to publish at &
Once per week write two articles for your website on very specific keywords.
Once a week find 10 blogs to post to for different keywords.

At the end of your first year you will have about 100 articles in You will have the same in and probably around 5 extra links per article from distribution. You will have 40 blog posts per month in numerous highly targeted blogs.

Those numbers will produce up to 672 links from articles in the first year. Over 480 links from blog posts, and another 50 from classified ads. That’s a total of 1200 links that you have to get click through traffic and search engine traffic from the resulting index rank.

That’s better than 90% of the websites on the Internet. These methods work, and are not difficult to do for anyone. The cost is low and the benefits are high. So the best search engine submission tips are to use anchor text links at popular and relevant websites.